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 "Sur Mesure" / Bespoke Design Service:  Imagination to Reality.

Versatility is the enabler of creation.  The beauty of life is in its diversity; inspiration comes through embracing the different needs of our clients to create one-of-a-kind objects designed specifically to the individual's requirements.  


The process starts with a hand-sketch and goes on to the various stages of production including wood-type selection, texture, colour, finishing etc.  as illustrated in the sketch (left) whereby a Pianist requested an artistic light-encasement inspired by nature.  Ebénisterie Pierrat designed and created the light based on nature's very own beautiful "Monnaie du Pape" flower petal with six spot lights placed where the seeds are normally found.


Whatever the requirements and style -furniture or decorative fixtures-  our role is to listen, imagine, and create.  With you.   


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