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Beauty is Visual and Intrinsic


Since childhood, Dominique Pierrat showed a keen interest in Architecture, Interior Furnishings, and the Arts in general. However he pursued scientific studies resulting in a PHD in Solid-State Physics. 


At 26 years old he began his professional formation in Woodcraft that enabled him to then open his own atelier in 1983 in the Vosges; a region abundant with forests and known for its know-how in furniture craftsmanship.

30 years on, the Ebenisterie Pierrat has mastered the technicality necessary for a sophisticated know-how of this craft.


The Ebenisterie Pierrat produced bespoke furniture and also conceived its own creations (furniture and art objects) inspired by nature's pure lines; applying refined finishings whilst always retaining the functionality of the object. Dominique has presented his work at a variety of regional, international exhibitions, and galleries.


Continuing with his inspiration from nature, his orientation has turned towards sculpture in 2015. In his creative process, he applies modern technologies (computer-aided design) and traditional techniques by using intrinsic mathematical laws to streamline form and enhance the natural lines with very delicate finishings.  It is especially the recent discovery of the usage of eggshell  in the work of lacquer that spearheaded his latest creations. 

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